Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thank you.. Thank you..

It has been a crazy couple of days over at my house. My totally noisy big brother and sisters were supposed to be safely back at school yesterday (mummy promised me that we could have quiet fun... and bacon for lunch)... then the snow started again - and although my bro et al did go off to school this morning, no sooner had I settled down to a post bacon snooze on mummy's knee did the stupid school phone to say that they had to be collected.
Mummy said, darn and blast... and a few other words that i don't care to repeat... ( I am only a baby don't you know?!)
So as I had my special day thwarted by the stupid weather..... I thought that I would share with you my multi award winning* YoYo technique instead.....

* I haven't really won any Yo-Yo awards... but as I don't know any kittens that have (especially cue and curly ones like me... I thought I could potentially bag the crown by default?).


  1. We think you could win the Yo-Yo Award. You're probably very good at it. You know, it's hard for us cats being that we aren't very high off the ground.

  2. You couls roll it along I find that sets it spinning.. Hugs GJ x

  3. Well, I certainly think you should get an've got it going there!

  4. Kitties... you are not wrong. I do need an award!