Monday, 23 August 2010

There seems to be a bit of a theme....

Now I KNOW that I'm cute. I get told it like a hundred times a day but recently there seems to be this thing going down in my house that I don't quite get.
I'm a kitty right?
And kitty's are naughty right?
I know that I am partial to the odd ballet sock, lego head and Flip cam (if I'm feeling extra naughty) but I'm just a kitty.....
Look at my beautiful blue eyes.... butter wouldn't melt right?

I'm bad and I like it! This weeks challenge is all about destroying my human bro's experiment. I am kind of sorry cause I do really love him. He lets me snuggle in his bed and he has quite the warmest tummy but I just can't help myself.
He's vlogging an experiment over on his blog - but you really should check it out as I have managed to nearly cause near destruction twice in two days..... genius!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Testing Time

I went to get re tested for Coronavirus last week and mummy has just got off the phone to the nice lady vet. It's not good news..... my titre count is still >1280, exactly the same as it was three months ago just after Jimmy died.
We were really hoping that it would have gone down, at least a little bit because I really want a kitten to play with.
The good news is that I am fit, frisky and still stealing things that I shouldn't really have. Mummy found two pairs of ballet socks, a sponge and five lego heads in my box yesterday. Good job she loves me!