Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Testing Time

I went to get re tested for Coronavirus last week and mummy has just got off the phone to the nice lady vet. It's not good news..... my titre count is still >1280, exactly the same as it was three months ago just after Jimmy died.
We were really hoping that it would have gone down, at least a little bit because I really want a kitten to play with.
The good news is that I am fit, frisky and still stealing things that I shouldn't really have. Mummy found two pairs of ballet socks, a sponge and five lego heads in my box yesterday. Good job she loves me!


  1. Aw I hope Cheryl is going to be ok...we dont want her getting poorly! :(

  2. Hope Cheryl will be okay. Afraid I'm pretty ignorant on dat disease.

  3. Oh Cheryl we are so sad to hear that your count was so high! We are sending you lots of stay healthy purrs and prayers, and comforting purrs and prayers to your mom because we are sure this has got her a bit stressed out. But we know she will take wonderful care of you, and keep you as fit, frisky and well, stealing for as long as possible!

    And we have to appologize for our mom - she has still not started on the NKC badges which is why you don't have yours yet - and well, if you are stealing things you really do need to have one ASAP!! We of course, say GOOD JOB to stealing stuff - the lego heads especially sound fun!!

  4. Oh Cheryl, we hadn't visited your blog in a while and saw your post today on our google reader list. We are sorry to hear about your titer still being high, but as you know, it can go as high at 1:1600, so we are hoping that stable is good and that when you are tested again, it will come down. We are glad you are feeling good and still stealing Legos!

  5. We're sending you lots of purrs, you keep stealing things if it makes you feel better my friend. I'm sure nobody minds.