Friday, 10 September 2010

Smurf is bad.

Thanks for you birthday wishes. My mum made me brocoli and cat food pie - which I have to say was totally awesome. I've forgiven her for going away on her trip but only after two days of a shared bacon sandwich for breakfast.
Woo hoo... today I met a new kitty after my own heart. His name is Smurf and his mummy lets him out to do all the things that I'm not allowed to do like catch birds, mice, bats and rabbits! Seriously... Smurf is my hero. He's a hunter on a mission. My pin up bad ass kitty hero.
He looks cute right? Butter wouldn't melt and all that....
Yes that's a bunny in his mouth.

Please give him total respect. He's my pin up of the week! You can check him out over on his mums blog. TheMoiderer


  1. Oh my C - he's quite the hunter. Poor bunny!

  2. OMG it's the bunny!!! Ahhhh I would scream and run a mile!!!

  3. Smurf really is a bad kitty.... I like that!