Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My First Jigsaw....

I had so much fun helping to do this jigsaw with my sisters but Mummy said I was being a naughty girl stealing all of the pieces.... I don't see what the problem was. What do you think?


  1. Those pieces look like a lot of fun to me.

  2. Looks like you were having good fun!
    Wishing you and your family a Furry Happy New Year!

  3. We didn't see you steal any pieces. We think they might be jealous because you have your own way of doing a jigsaw. The fun way. :-)

  4. I hope tha vet can make yours hurty eye better. That is quite a puzzle you haf there.
    Mine Mommy ML haf to work puzzles online cause we run an hide tha pieces. Hee hee.
    Love & Purrs,

  5. Our Mom won't let us do a puzzle for obvious reasons. We put the pieces all over the room rather than together. You sure are a cute kitty.

  6. Sending you lots and lots of healing vibes for your hurty eye, Cheryl!

  7. "The Boys" are sorry you have a hurty eye, but just know you're going to feel all better soon so you can get back to playing puzzle!

    Mikey wants to know, though, why you don't put any of those pieces in your mouth?

  8. Oh no, my sisters and I will be sending healing purrs to your hurty eye too! Happy New Year!!!

  9. We hope your eyes get fixed by the v-e-t right away! We will be purring for you!

  10. We tried to add you to our Blogger "My Blog List" but it can't detect a feed. can't add you to our Google Reader either. Your blog title shows up in the tab header as a blank page_ (that's an underscore). No blog title. Thought you would like to know that you're there but something is wrong.

  11. That looks like a lot of fun. I need to to get mum to start puzzling.. Happy New Year.. HUgs GJ x

  12. Ouch, did yoo get some jigsaw puzzle peeces to da eye? Hope dey can fitz it up real good. We like to chew on da peeces den mom sez da puzzle is ruined, but really, who cares.

  13. Wow, what lovely messages from you all. Mummy took me to the doctors today (and my big bro Jimmy - he had to have a needle in his neck eek...) luckily for me the nice lady was thrilled by my skipping around and trying to kiss her - so i managed to get out of there without having anything done. Mummy did bring home some medicine in case my eye gets worse but I have been feeling a bit better.
    Jimmy hasn't been very happy since having his booster jabs though and he even stole my place on the radiator next to mummy's computer so I very naughtily bit his tail and he shot off. Mummy said that was a very naughty thing to do and I guess that she was right but I am only a kitten after all!

    Harry Spotter - it was a kitty puzzle but I am afraid the kitten was no where near as cute as me (or you) all that fluff puts me off!

    Maggie May - thank you and Happy New Year to you too - even though I'm not really sure what that means - and thank you for the healing purrs.

    Jans Funny Farm - mummy says thanks, the feed should be working OK now.

    ML - that was my first ever puzzle. I can see that I am going to have fun with them!

    Marg - Thank you... I am pretty cute!My mummy says so all the time.

    The Boys - Mummy didnt actually manage to complete the puzzle. My human sister biba gave up and mummy said that there were bits missing...... I wonder why!

    Brian - thank you. xx

    Junior & Orion - Thank you. I can now understand why I have been feeling better this afternoon.

    Ginger Jasper - Tell her to sort it out! It is soo much fun! I got into so much trouble.... but that is what you are supposed to do when you are a kitten ..... no?

    Zippy, sadie & Speedy...I really don't know what happened to my silly eye but I hope that it is getting better now.

    Wow - you guys are just the best. Thank you for welcoming such a new kitty. Mummy will add all of your blogs to our roll as soon as I get her stop tickling my tummy - cause I really like that you know.

    Love and kisses.

  14. Oh what fun. Glad to know things at the dr man or woman went much better than expected for all of you.

    Thanks for leaving a comment for "The Boys;" they're thrilled when visitors come by.

    They said to thank you for adding them to your blogroll...and you are now on theirs, too.

    And if we get that feedburner thing figured out, we'll include you there, too.

    Happy New Year.

  15. You are very helpful with that puzzle! And you DEFINITELY have a cute factor! ;)

  16. Of course you should be able to play with the puzzle. I saw your name on the CB and wanted to come by and say hello. Happy New Year!

  17. Very cute, the sort of thing Stella would do! Her favourite game at the moment is shredding boxes of tissues. Excellent fun.