Friday, 1 January 2010

Kitty jumpers rock...

Today's kitty is the lovely Fiona from Spot and Fiona. She's one of my new friends and shares my love of a nice wooly jumper. I have a great Christmas jumper that a nice lady in Cornwall made for me. Oohh the tape measure did tickle my tummy though! Perhaps I will post a picture of my wearing my Cornish jumper tomorrow....


  1. We Love our Sweet Fiona and we are so blessed to have her in our family. Thanks for featuring her. She is so adorable.

  2. From Hary Spotter: She eats all the stinky goodness and doesn't even leave me a crumb. She took over all my favorite snoozing spots, and she has a stinky butt all the time. I don't anyone has ever told her that when you have to pass gas to to leave the room. That's my take!

  3. Fiona is really REALLLLLLLLY cute.
    She looks great in that sweder too