Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Feeling curly...

A big hello to all you kitties. It has been a lovely sunny day today and I spent most of it sunbathing on top of daddy's fabric bin. It's a great spot for warming my ears!
Mummy has spoken to the nice vet lady and they have decided that it's best if I get spayed before I start to call.
Thursday is the big day so please send me lots of love an purrs.


  1. Oh you are so cute there - it does look like a great place for ear warming!! You look kinda mysterious in that picture - it is cool! We hope that the spaying goes well - we will be sending out lots of purrs on Thursday for you!!

  2. You looks very peaceful and contented in dat pic. So cute. We'll be thinking of you on Thursday and sending lots of healing purrs . purrrr

  3. We are sending you lots and lots of comforting purrs for your spay. After the spay we will send you lots and lots of quick healing vibes!

  4. You will be a contented cat after your surgery...and your lovely furs will get even wavier...really! Purrs for a speedy recovery!