Thursday, 20 May 2010

Op day...

This morning mummy took me to the vets for my operation. I really didnt want to go and shouted at her the whole way there in the car. I do like Ella the nice vet lady though... she says I am a frisky little beauty. She clearly knows a quality kitty when she sees one.
Mummy went home and the next bit is a bit of a blur - but when I woke up I thought that I had turned into a chicken....

Thankfully the nurse was just a bit too keen with her razor (so mummy tells me). When mummy came to pick me up I was so pleased to see her. I felt all woozy and I couldnt really see properly but I knew she was here cause I could hear her and I could smell her yummy mummyness.
She held my paw all the way home in the car which she said was pretty tricky when she was changing gear and going round corners. But my mummy loves me.

When we got home she went upstairs and got my favourite jumper that I like to snuggle under but whilst I'd been out daddy had the kitchen door open and there were some flies buzzing around.
I like flies.
So even thought the nice vet lady had told mummy to make sure I had a nice restful afternoon I clearly had to get those flies.

Cause that's my job, right?

Thank you for all of your kitty love. I got it all and look... I have killed 4 flies, 2 spiders and one beetle this afternoon. Not bad going for a post op kitty...
Big purrs..

And please vote for my mummy if you get a spare 5 minutes... someone thought she was pretty enough to enter a competition to be the Face of Simple... of course I think she is but they have a no kitten voting thing going on :( link on the side bar.


  1. Hi Cheryl! We are so glad that your surgery went ok and that you are home now! And wow, that is a lot of bugs you killed - we are super impressed, since you just had surgery today! We are sending you lots of purrs to help you with your recovery - we know you will be feeling much better and less woozy tomorrow!

  2. So happy to hear the surgery went well and you are now recovering! We are sending you our best healing purrs!!

  3. We are happy your surgery went well also. he he - I has to laugh cuz it's hard to keep a kitty quiet!! You are very good at your job of catching flies & bugs. Sending you my healing purrs. purrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. We're glad you pulled through your surgery fine. That is some impressive bug hunting.

  5. Hope you are feline fine will take a few months for your curly furs to grow back in, sigh...

  6. Hi Cheryl! We haven't heard from you lately so we just wanted to stop by and say we hope you are doing ok!