Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I am in the dog house......

Mummy has a big son who is away at university. I like him... he gives good cuddles. But today I have been a bit naughty and I should say sorry to him:(
You see I just can't help myself... I have a bit of a thing for Lego men.... I like to pull their heads off and hide them in the dogs bed.
Not harming anyone am I? Lego men are only toys after all.. But today, mummy's big son said I went a bit too far.

I only went and killed his really big £200 Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer. .....



He then told me that it took a whole month to build...... oops.....
So I looked at him with my big blue eyes. Looked back at the Lego mess, dove in and ran away with the shiny red Imperial Guard figure (I've had my eye on him for ages!!).
That'll teach him!


  1. Good job! You completely took it apart. Awesome. He should never have left it where anyone could touch it. It's his fault! Hope you had fun!

  2. Wait, we don't see the problem - you are a cat, your job would be to take the destroyer apart, you did your job, and you didn't even get a treat for it. From where we are sitting you are the one who should be mad. At least you got the red guard guy as a prize. And now he will have the fun of putting it together again - isnt' that what legos are for?

  3. he he- we think it's funny We kitties need challenges & you had one. Good for you. (Sorry to your oooman brother).

  4. TotallyKitty...I was distraught to find that you felt the need to 'brag' about your mindless destruction of my prized LEGO piece. Shame on you young kitty...shame on you!

  5. Hey... It looks good to me! You Done Goooood! The big guy should be happy you only took out his "LEGOs", it could have easily been his *LEG-Ow!*

  6. Well done for taking out daly camera's Lego insted of mine lots of thanks Totallysonny! If you take mine you have been warned!

  7. You're just trying to keep his lego skills sharp, think how much fun he'll have building it again!! hehehe