Friday, 23 July 2010

In the dog house.... part 2

Oh dear, oh dear. I was a bit naughty and I have to come clean. I stole mummy's new Flip video camera. You has a nice long strap on the end and I do like to pull things along.
Mummy was searching everywhere for it - but it was no where to be seen. I didn't tell her that it was in my box (with the lego heads) but she found it when we were playing.
I have had to promise not to take it again. But I said to her... you know I can't promise that don't you mummy and she just smiled and gave me a cuddle.
Sorry mum. xx


  1. he he - you did the honorable thing by "coming clean." Own up to your mistakes, I always say - he he - I just don't always take my own advice. You are a very bootiful kitty.

  2. What a gorgeous kitty you are. No one could ever blame you for anything.

  3. Cheryl that is so awesome! And we agree that a cutie like you can probably get away with a lot of stuff - you just look at your mom with that cute face and we bet she melts!

  4. I love that the cat is called Cheryl!

  5. Babygenie - I love it too. Such a cool and fabby, naughty name - just like meeee.